Register company in Estonia

How to Register company in Estonia?

1. Choose a Company Structure

When most entrepreneurs register company in Estonia, they choose what is called a “private limited company”.

This business structure can be an effective way to manage your taxes. As a director of a company, you can, for example, deduct a portion of your income from the company’s dividend and thus pay less income tax.

Another benefit is that your personal assets, such as your home and car, shouldn’t be in jeopardy if the business ends up in financial trouble. This is what is meant by the term “limited liability”.

2. Register a Company Name (Estonia)

Before registering a company in Estonia, you need to make sure that your company name is available.

Basic tips when choosing a company name:

  • Research the market you will be working in – competing names should inspire you when choosing your own.
  • Choose a name that is meaningful – your company name will be the first thing people know about your business, so does it explain what you do?
  • Keep the name short – a bright company name will be easier to remember and will look better in marketing materials.
  • Avoid company names that are difficult to spell, and make sure they slide off the tongue easily.

3. Select a Company Formation Package

With our company registration packages, you can register a Estonian company quickly and easily.

4. Enter Your Company Information

When you register a estonian company, most of the information you provide becomes publicly available.

5. Allocate Company Shares

When you register a estonian company, you will need to distribute the shares to your shareholders. The easiest way is to allocate one share to each shareholder and make each separate share worth 1 €.

6. Complete the Memorandum and Articles of Association

These documents will formalize how your company will operate. They must be agreed and signed by the director (s) of the company, shareholder (s) and secretary prior to the incorporation of a estonian limited company.

7. Submit Everything to Companies House

To register on the same day, send your application before 15:00. And that’s all – good luck in your new business!









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